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Your objective as a Biological farmer? To get as many growth in the most efficient and sustainable organic way possible. We understand that. You can rely on our expert advice, and on our complete range of durable machinery. Also in the switch to Bio.
Better Organic
Bio'Or cattle

All raw materials used are organically grown.

No genetically modified organisms and no synthetic amino acids are used in organic feed.


Bio'Or uses maximum local raw materials and has its own trucks. Our dispatcher ensures that deliveries arrive at their destination efficiently and sustainably. 

Switch to Bio
transit to Bio

There are many good reasons to switch to organic farming as a livestock farmer or farmer. The organic market continues to grow every year. Consumers are making increasingly conscious choices and then the path to organic products is logical.  

100% Bio'Or

In our Bio'Or Poperinge production facility, only animal feed for organic farming is produced. This rules out contamination with unauthorized ingredients. Production takes place according to FCA rules and the rules of organic farming. 

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