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We are passionate people who like to make an extra effort to improve your animals, your harvest and success. We know how to get things done and the farmers can count on us.

Our Bio'Or specialists are happy to assist you with their expertise and provide  personal advice on animal nutrition, company guidance and support in (conversion to) organic agriculture. 


We respect the earth in which our raw materials grow, our environment and the people. 

We work as much as possible with local raw materials and support short chains.

We are committed to sustainable partnerships with customers, suppliers and buyers.


As Bio'Or, we choose suitable raw materials, minerals, vitamins and herbs and ensure traceability from the field to the distributors or livestock farmers. The effort of the comprehensive traceability system is rewarded with a GMP certificate.

Organic certificate

The welfare of humans and animals is central to the approach of organic farming in general and of Bio'Or in particular.

All products are produced in accordance with European regulations CEE 834/2007 and 889/2008 regarding organic farming. The conformity of our products is checked by Certisys BE-BIO-01. 

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